Abendessen: The Flying Monkey – Dim Sum Bar Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg **

++English Version++
Dear all!
Last Friday evening I went to Berlin and met Angi at her home. Together, we took the train to Prenzlauer Berg to eat dinner in the Dim Sum Bar: The Flying Monkey. We arrived shortly before 9 p.m., and we we’re really happy that Angi had made a reservation. When we arrived,  there was one free table besides the one reserved for us. 

We hadn’t seen us for a while, and as the menu card is pretty long,   the waitress had to come a second time until we had decided what to drink and eat. We decided to take and share three dishes and also our beverages. For drinking, we took the Monkey’s Special tea and the Monkey’s Favorite Cocktail without Alcohol, and they served it really fast. Angi chose to start with the Cocktail while I started with the tea. A little later, two of the three dishes were served, the ‚Spring has Sprung‘ (Springrolls with vegan filling) and special chips with a Guacamole sesame oil dip (which is not listed in the current menu card in the internet). We were somewhat disappointed to find just three small spring rolls, but they tasted really good, and so did  the chips. A few minutes later the third dish was served. Thesteamed dumplings  were shockingly small but yummy. 

Angi had eaten before,  but I was still pretty hungry.  So I took a portion of pork belly with rice (recommendation from the waitress because there is a lot of sauce in the dish). It was really tender and delicious and I enjoyed it a lot.Afterwards we swapped our drinks, and we both decided that we liked both, because they are really special and come with unknown mixtures of flavors. 

Some time later we decided to take one coconut cremebrulée as a dessert. At first,the coconut taste didn’t come out, but over time it became more intense, and all in all it was delicious. 

The Restaurant is really fancy and foofoo. The interior is almost all black  but the wall towards  the street is made of window glas. The opposite wall is a kind of wallpaper designed with colorful parrots, and with coming from light behind the wallpaper. From the ceiling,  pink light is shed, and all sources make the room shine quite bright. The restrooms are also rather  dark and with black tiles. Between the men‘s and women‘s toilets, the handwashing  basins are in a somewhat Asian style and for both sexes. The room is enlighten by candles and delicate ceiling light.
All in all I felt really comfy and cosy, and the waitresses were lovely and friendly. 

The Restaurant is located in the  district Prenzlauer Berg. From the subway station ‚Eberswalderstraße‘ which you can reach with the U2 and the Tram M1, M10 and 12 it’s just five minutes away by foot. Leave your car at home because there is rarely a parking slot and afterwards you can also move on faster to next locations in the neighbourhood.

Kastanienallee 15
10435 Berlin

Opening hours:
Sun – Thu: 12 p.m. – 12 a.m.
Fri + Sat: 12 p.m. – 2 a.m.
*Kitchen hours: 12 p.m. – 12 a.m.

Short summary:
Food 4/5
Non-alcoholic beverages 5/5
Service 5/5
Tempo 4/5
Value for money 3/5
Atmosphere 5/5
Parking situation 1/5
Location 5/5
Public transportation 5/5

Have you been here? Or would you like to try it now?

© Photography & Text by Eleni Kritikos

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